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We are the #1 Solution for Employers Affected by Negative Employee Reviews

Thousands of companies have reached out to us to restore their online employment reputation after it was tarnished by defamatory reviews. The latest statistics from leading employment review websites and consumer research projects show that:

  • 69% of job seekers would not accept an offer from a company with a poor reputation.
  • 84% would consider leaving their current jobs if offered a position at a company with an excellent corporate reputation.

Our Core Values
At Corp Reputation, we believe in:

INTEGRITY AND TRUST: Our relationships with clients are firmly based on mutual trust and honesty, which we consider vital for any partnership. All client information is 100% confidential.

A CODE OF ETHICS: We are committed to fighting against unethical behavior from companies whose reputations are in jeopardy due to detrimental PR and biased reviews in the past. We assess every case thoroughly before offering our services.

GETTING REPUTATIONS BACK ON TRACK: We settle for nothing less than a 100% success rate and guarantee complete employment reputation redemption in the shortest time possible.

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